Kitting and Tooling

Custom Kitting

Streamline your maintenance and repair operations with our custom kitting solutions. We package the equipment you need in the sequence you need it for optimal efficiency. When you order maintenance material in a kit, you’ll know that your team has what they need to get the job done. Our kitting capability range in size and complexity, from small scale components to larger field maintenance material.

  • Customize material sequence and quantity based on requirement for efficiency
  • Procure and organize items in a single order / shipment
  • Minimize paperwork by consolidating lists of parts into a single part number
Types of Kits
  • Scheduled Maintenance Kits
  • Overhaul Kits
  • Filter Kits
  • Installation Kits
  • Project Kits
  • Service Kits
Benefits of Kitting
  • On-time delivery
  • Orders fulfilled to exact requirements
  • Entire Bill of Materials (BOM) packaged into a customized kit
  • BOM issued under one part number with precisely-counted and labeled materials
  • Reduce cost of readiness: manpower, shipping, time
  • Increase storage space
  • Improve material yields and fill rates
  • Improve accounting and supplier management
  • Dramatic reduction in multiple invoices – time and cost savings
Custom configuration
  • Service bulletin
  • Job card
  • Engineering order
  • Drawing