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Aligning Advanced Technology with Government Defense Strategies with years of experience in Engineering, Reverse Engineering, Manufacturing, Distribution, Quality Testing and Inspection and Product Services and Preservation

Dedicated to Empowering U.S. Defense Missions

At PTX Defense, we specialize in developing and providing advanced defense solutions specifically tailored for U.S. government defense agencies. Our deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements faced by these agencies enables us to deliver precise, reliable, and innovative solutions that support national security objectives. With reliable sourcing, and excellence in contract execution, PTX ensures authentic products through rigorous MIL Standard testing and delivers your products in accordance with our customers’ requirements or MIL-STD-2073 standards.

Expertise Across All Domains of Warfare

Our expertise spans the five domains of warfare: land, sea, air, cyber, and space. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services, from advanced weaponry and surveillance systems to cybersecurity and space technology, ensuring a multi-dimensional approach to modern warfare and defense strategies.

Our team collaborates closely with government defense agencies to understand their specific needs and challenges, developing bespoke solutions that align with their strategic objectives.

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Customized Kitting Solutions

Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Efficiency with Customized Kit Assembly

Why Work With PTX Defense?

If PTX Defense cannot Source your parts. We will BUILD you parts!

  • Solution Agility

    We dedicate the resources necessary to thoroughly understand your program at a level that allows us to become your force multiplier.

  • Certified Trusted Supplier

    Our extensive Quality Assurance, Counterfeit Prevention, and Cyber-Security initiatives meet stringent military and aerospace requirements.

  • Flexible Contracting Options

    Move your program forward quickly by leveraging our rapid acquisition contracting options tailored to your specific requirement.

We Support All Branches of U.S. DOD & Foreign Military

Multi-Domain operations support

  • Air
  • Ground
  • Sea
  • Cyber
  • Space

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