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Crafting Superior Solutions for Tomorrow’s Tactical Challenges

Distribution Capabilities

We excel in streamlining the distribution process through our exceptional 3PL services, ensuring efficient and reliable logistics management. Our Kanban system optimizes inventory flow, guaranteeing a seamless supply chain. Our Vendor Managed Inventory approach reduces overhead and ensures that stock levels are precisely managed for operational efficiency. We pride ourselves on our strong connections with top brands, enabling us to provide a wide range of high-quality products. Moreover, our specialized skill in sourcing hard-to-find parts ensures that we meet even the most specific and challenging requirements of our clients.

Manufacturing Capabilities

PTX Defense excels in delivering customized manufacturing solutions with an emphasis on advanced capabilities and precision. Our extensive network of partner manufacturers can provide CNC machining, 3D printing, EDM, and much more. This enables our engineers to handle complex components with exceptional accuracy. We specialize in reverse engineering, transforming existing components and systems into improved versions, thus solving intricate challenges for our customers. Our commitment to quality and efficiency, combined with our ability to rapidly turn around projects, makes us a preferred partner.